It’s dark outside

It’s dark outside, but soon, the night will turn to daylight. I wait for the sunrise to peek over the far-away horizon. The coffee is brewing and the toddlers, referring to my cats, have been fed. I wonder what the day will bring, as I haven’t made any plans for the day. Yesterday, before night, I purchased a few oil painting canvases from a local art supply store. Two are rectangular in shape and the other square. They are quite large as I plan to put them together on my easel and paint the same picture onto all three. Then I will separate the three as they can be hung on a wall together as one painting. I have not determined what I will paint on these three canvases, but I’m certain; it will be of trees with all the colors of fall.

I notice outside of my window that the darkness is slowly turning to a lighted dark blue. The morning sun will soon rise over the horizon, in the distance. I must go watch this celebration of a new day.


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