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It’s dark outside

It’s dark outside, but soon, the night will turn to daylight. I wait for the sunrise to peek over the far-away horizon. The coffee is brewing and the toddlers, referring to my cats, have been fed. I wonder what the day will bring, as I haven’t made any plans for the day. Yesterday, before night, I purchased a few oil painting canvases from a local art supply store. Two are rectangular in shape and the other square. They are quite large as I plan to put them together on my easel and paint the same picture onto all three. Then I will separate the three as they can be hung on a wall together as one painting. I have not determined what I will paint on these three canvases, but I’m certain; it will be of trees with all the colors of fall.

I notice outside of my window that the darkness is slowly turning to a lighted dark blue. The morning sun will soon rise over the horizon, in the distance. I must go watch this celebration of a new day.


At first light…

I awoke at first light. I got out of bed, fixed a pot of coffee, and fed my enchanting cats that played; it seemed, all night. Later, I went out on the porch and stared at the horizon. It’s a gorgeous morning, calm and peaceful. I sipped my coffee. I studied the multi-colors on the horizon, and how they blended from a morning orange that peeked over the edge of the earth, to a gray-white, to a light blue, and finally, a dark blue upward in the deep sky. There were a few clouds on a voyage to a distant land.

The early morning is my favorite part of the day. It’s certainly the most peaceful part of the day, and I’ve always loved to hear the birds sing and celebrating the beginning of a new day. The air is always at its most stillness in the morning. It’s astonishing how rapidly the colors in the sky mutate to compose the light of day.

I went into the house, made my bed, and took a shower. After the shower, I stood looking into the mirror with a towel wrapped around my waist. My reflection in the mirror revealed a smile, and a man that has aged over the years. “Guy, you need to lose some weight,” I told myself, with a hearty laugh. Of course, that is the plan and currently underway. I brushed my teeth. A few minutes later, I fished through my dresser and pick out a pair of socks and underwear. I put on the black and gray underwear, threw my  white socks on the bed, and went into the walk-in closet. I grabbed a pair of faded jeans, a shirt, my hiking boots, and went back into the bedroom and dressed. Ten minutes later, I stood on the porch again sipping my coffee.

I heard a dog barking, in the distance, birds yodeling, and a couple chatting as they walked around the lake. Overhead, seagulls executed dance steps in the sky.  I sighed, “What a delightful morning.” The air had the aroma of fresh-cut grass and the fragrance of a morning drizzle. Twenty minutes later, I turned, went into the house, and sat on a chair at my desk in the study. I signed onto WordPress, and began typing what you had just read.

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