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Lara Fabian – I will love again (English)

Lara Fabian – I will love again   (English)


Lara Fabian – Je t’aime ( I Love You )

Lara Fabian    “Je t’aime”   ( I love you )

The audience is singing back to Lara, “on t’aime”  ( We Love You) She is surprised and starts to cry…… A very touching video, even if you don’t understand french.

She is considered one the top three best female singers of all-time. Of course, I think she is the best.  🙂

She also sings in English, and she has released two albums in English.

Lara Fabian link to her web site below:

Lara Fabian & Michael Bolton

Lara Fabian is my favorite singer. Love her voice….

Lara Fabian & Michael Bolton

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